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No idea what happened!

I loved this app. But a couple of weeks ago (or so), all of the sudden, it seemed like it stoped working. I am getting ads all over the place. This is happening in multiple webpages and apps I used that previously were getting ads blocked. Example: It used to stop ads in the kijiji app but does not anymore.

Was working perfectly. Now VPN keeps disconnecting.

As others have stated, versions 3.0 and 3.0.1 are pretty much useless. The VPN keeps turning off itself, effectively disabling ad blocking. Version 2.x was working perfectly.

3.01 fails to block ads

I have to constantly disable and enable the service to get any sort of adblocking functionality. It was brilliant before 3.01.

Doesnt block Facebook ads

Be aware that the promise of blocking in-app ads doesnt include the Facebook ads. Doesnt seem better that the free alternative ad blockers.

After update it changed

Its not blocking anything anymore, apple must have cracked down.

It really works!

I am so glad I finally found an app that not only blocks ads on safari, but also on other apps too! This app is definitely worth the purchase, and I would really recommend it. :)

Not working anymore

It was ok until this new update saying apple policy change whatever. No more blocking ads. So i deleted

Not working

I would have given this app 5 stars, but it stoped blocking ads after the last update. Almost all of my apps are now getting ads in them. Please fix or release a new version.


After last update it is not working on any app and safari. I have been using this app stable for years. Please fix my problem

Used to work

Used to work well. Now it just doesnt work. Dont know what they changed, but they need to fix it.

Doesnt work!

I got this app to block the ads that I get like EVER 10 SECONDS and it worked for like the first 3 days, but now every time I restart a level on a game, there is an ad EVERY TIME!!!

Only 1 star because I cant give less

App does not do what it says it is supposed to do. What a waste of money. Poor directions included. Wish I had never purchased the app.

RIP Adblock

Latest update based on Apples latest policy update broke the app completely. It no longer works. RIP.


Suddenly getting ads everywhere,saying that they are Google ads. Had been happy till now but Facebook and my Apps are full of ads today!

Dont work

It dont work in any app and that doesnt block anything on YouTube

WAS working really well

Worked really great for several months, but lately its falling farther and farther behind. Ads are slipping through, which would be excusable, if some of them didnt auto launch new apps and pages (which is why I sought out this blocker in the first place!) If things dont improve, and quick, Ill be abandoning this in search of better options.

AdBlock is great

I love this app because it reduces ad clutter within other apps and in my web browser. Very easy to use, and functions plain and simple. Definitely worth the purchase.

Good app

Thank you.Good applications

Works well and blocks most ads…But

Theres always a but lol. Even when I disable adblock via the widget or app it seems to still be enabled partially. Not a big deal but best known than unknown.

Still blocking ads for me

The app still blocks most ads except YouTube which is to be expected. If you frequent sites with ads, eventually youre going to find ads that dont get blocked. I dont care what software you use. The people making intrusive ads are just as talented as the people making Adblock apps. So, rather than blaming the Adblock team, why not continue to blame the ad companies like you should. AP causes a bit of lag with VPN. Sync with iCloud takes far too long. Price was a dollar too high for the service provided. Defiantly could be better and could do a better job showing you the VPN security.

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